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Product Focus: Stair Treads

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Following up on last week’s blog post on the importance of colours on psyche and overall well-being, we thought looking at the vast palette of stair tread offerings available would be a logical segue into the discussion of this week’s product focus; stair treads. Why Stair Treads? Home owners, landlords and renters alike might question the need for stair treads.  This is a small design … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

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Christmas and the craziness of the holiday season are quickly approaching.  With it, come the hustle and bustle of trying to locate the perfect gift for family and friends.  If you are seeking out a different gift idea, that will get plenty of use, consider a floor mat.  For the following scenarios, we have some great ideas that may help you get some shopping accomplished … Continue reading

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Entryway Mats: Some Thoughts on Longevity

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Blue Entrance Mat

Many homeowners would agree the challenge of selecting the perfect lasting door mat for your home or business can be quite a nuisance.  Oftentimes, with a year’s worth of exposure to the elements and heavy foot traffic, most mats appear worn, frayed and tired destined for the garbage.  However, these mats are important to protecting your interior floors and coverings.  For high traffic doorways, consider … Continue reading

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Deal of the Week: Sisal Sydney Stair Treads

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Stair Treads Deal of the Week

This week’s Deal of the Week features our functional, environmentally friendly and durable Sisal Sydney Stair Treads.  Available in nature, beige and brown,  these stair coverings will be a welcome addition to any staircase. Our new line of Sydney stair mats also includes red, black and terra cotta colours. Savings:  Regularly priced at £24.99, this week we are offering our customers a 3-pack of these … Continue reading

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Underlying Thoughts – Trends

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“Underlying Thoughts” — Our resident rug, Mat, provides some insight to customers on questions received during the past week. Dear Mat, With London fashion week underway, it has been said that there are often correlations between runway styles and interior design.  Have you seen any projected outlooks for floor mat design trends for the upcoming year? Joseph, Notting Hill Joseph, As always, thanks for the … Continue reading

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Out Out Darn Spot

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After selecting and purchasing your floor mats, rug runners or stair treads, knowing how to maintain them should be a top priority.  With proper attention, maintenance and preventative care the lifetime of your floor mats and stair treads will be markedly extended.  The very items that mats work so hard to repel including dirt, dust and moisture, cause the very grime that requires maintenance.  Care … Continue reading

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Underlying Thoughts

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Our resident rug, Mat, provides some insight to customers on questions received during the past week. Dear Mat, We are in the midst of household renovations and looking to finish the project with some minor redecorating.  One of our primary themes throughout the project has been environmental awareness.  Could you offer any suggestions for floor matting solutions that would help us achieve our goals? Thanks! … Continue reading

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