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What should we do with all this rubber?

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Rubber Tyre Mountian

We are a consumer nation, and everything we use and consume has to end up somewhere. Most things nowadays can be recycled. Things such as glass, paper and cardboard, no problem, the list goes on. But unfortunately there are many thing we use such as electrical goods and rubber products. Continue reading

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The Value of Branding

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Brands are amongst the most enduring and valuable assets of a business and can be the main means of generating income. They must be created using great care, maintained over time and reinforced consistently so that they remain at the forefront of customers’ minds. Successful brands stand out from groups of products with similar features and benefits. We at Floor Mats UK know the true … Continue reading

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Use & Wash Mats: Fashionable Yet Functional by Design

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Homeowners and renters alike are constantly in search of quality design solutions that protect their flooring from the perils of high foot traffic, accidental spills and pets.  Far too often, inferior quality rugs available at affordable prices are put to use and neither offer the quality nor the durability expected by the purchaser. So what do we think customers are looking for?  We believe that … Continue reading

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