Hidden Treasures and Reclaiming Space

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Ok admit it, how many of you have a pile of items you constantly intend to get to?  Or yet, perhaps you are haunted by smaller piles of items covering your gorgeous stair treads and cluttering the front entryway.  More than likely, items including old magazines, clothing from a few seasons ago or even a stash of recipes that you dream of masterfully weaving into … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Wired Coir Doormat

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When decorating with an eye towards nature, few things are as timeless and popular as the appeal and allure of coir matting.  Our Wire Coir Doormat would make the perfect addition to any entryway, home or business, for shoppers seeking out a rustic appearance.  No matter if your preference is front door, back door or even the breezeway between your garage and home, this is … Continue reading

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Nature Makes the Perfect Décor

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For homeowners and renters seeking out low-cost yet aesthetically appealing design solutions, look no further than the bounty offered by Mother Nature. Bringing the outside indoors can be a fun way to decorate your space without breaking the bank. Hallways, entryways and living room settings can easily be graced by tall flowering stems of trees. Many of our whimsical designer floor mats would be the … Continue reading

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Furniture Moving Tips & Secrets

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We’ve spent much time recently discussing revamping rooms, sprucing up your space for spring and generally bringing about some change to your home environment. One of the things we think is important to consider during all this transition is the importance of properly moving and placing furniture. For many of us, furniture is an investment along with the underlying flooring it rests upon. As such, … Continue reading

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Quick Touches Can Net Desired Results

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Venice Mat

For many of us, we lack the time to truly commit to a design project or a simpler redesign project.  As such, we thought we would offer some quick touches that can give your favourite space a reinvigorated feel with minimal effort and time invested on your part. Take An Hour: Dust the mantle and place some new accessories up for display.  Glass pieces make … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Thick Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting

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Few products have the ability to crossover between industrial and residential use as handily as our Thick Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting.  Whether put to use in a warehouse, selected as a lining for parts of your garage or installed in a horse box or stable yard, this is a floor matting solution not to be overlooked. Where to Use Rubber Matting: Some great uses for … Continue reading

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Showcasing Your Staircase

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Homeowners and renters alike are constantly on the hunt for design solutions for rooms in the home.  Living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms often garner the majority of attention with stairways and hallways often being easily overlooked.  So, if you are looking for a new spring decorating project, why not look to your well-used and centrally located staircase? First, analyse existing colours to look for ways … Continue reading

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The Cost of Dirt

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Beige Dirt Trapper Mat

Did you ever think about the cost of removing dirt?  More than likely, you are probably going to confess it is not something that has crossed your mind.  However, in the floor mat industry, we do actually spend time pondering such conundrums.  Now, we’re not talking about massive mounds in your backyard.  Instead, our thoughts rest more with the out of sight, out of mind, … Continue reading

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Avoiding a Wheel Big Problem

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Chair Mat for carpet flooring

Office chairs – love them or hate them, they are a mainstay in most every UK office setting.  Unfortunately, the underlying wheels can be one of the biggest causes of damages to your rented space or home office environment.  Planning accordingly, to include chair mats, when building out office space should be a priority.  Not only do mats afford protection against the dangers presented by … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Retro Floor Mat Flower-Power

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Spring is clearly on our minds – it must be a case of cabin fever.  So for this week’s product focus, we are going bold and bright, yet pick up a quintessential spring colour to highlight—pink. Why Entryway Mats? Entryway mats should be a staple in all homes.  Most homeowners spend countless hours cleaning up tracked-in dirt from guests, pets and family members.  The simple … Continue reading

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