Stairway Round Up – Part 2

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Part 2 of this Series provides a round up of interesting stairway articles and blog posts. Stairway Round Up – Part 1 is available here. Blogs and blog posts that covers interesting stairway information: • Blog 4 Stairs – This site has a wide variety of different news, architecture, interesting stairways, and artistic objects related to stairs. An excellent resource for all things stair related! … Continue reading

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Underlying Thoughts: Stair Tread Gift Ideas

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Following up on our recent post of holiday gift giving ideas, we thought we would highlight each of the offerings outlined over the course of the next few days.  Today we will discuss stair treads, the overall trend and some of our product offerings. Stair treads are a new design element being offered in the UK.  Our extensive product line offers something for every taste, … Continue reading

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Stairway Round Up – Part 1

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In the stairway industry, there are many exciting and interesting things both in the home improvement sector and how to information. Since we offer our excellent selection of stair treads, for the past month or so, we have been gathering up all the best resources online to put together this stairway round up of all the best in the field on stairs and staircases online. … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Heavy Duty Rubber Ring Mat

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Our special offer for this week features our heavy duty rubber ring mat.  With wet weather a hazard in homes, commercial and industrial settings, these mats help offer protection by draining away moisture while offering traction and stability to foot traffic.  These popular safety mats can be customised with optional brush inserts.  Heavy duty and designed to withstand high levels of foot traffic, these mats … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

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Christmas and the craziness of the holiday season are quickly approaching.  With it, come the hustle and bustle of trying to locate the perfect gift for family and friends.  If you are seeking out a different gift idea, that will get plenty of use, consider a floor mat.  For the following scenarios, we have some great ideas that may help you get some shopping accomplished … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Yoga and Exercise Mats

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yoga mat

Our special offer for this week features our functional yoga and exercise mat.  Given the lightweight and portable nature of the mat, whether you practice yoga at home, in the local park or at your favourite studio, this mat will be the perfect accompanying tool to your success.   Specific product details including colours and size can be located here. These mats are attractively priced at … Continue reading

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Stair Treads: Adding Beauty and Improving Safety One Step at a Time

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With stair treads a relatively new design solution in the UK, many consumers may question the need or use for these coverings.  A comprehensive review of the product and its benefits will hopefully shed some light on the beneficial nature of this quasi-nouveau offering. What are Stair Treads? Stair treads are small stair-sized rugs attached to each step. With only a portion of the stair … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Invest in a Quality Chair Mat

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When outfitting an office, most people invest a large amount of time and money in furniture and technology.  Great idea!  In order to work well, one should be comfortable and have ample space for work, storage and organisation.  Technology is necessary to survive in today’s fast paced world.  However, overlooking one simple, relatively inexpensive item may have long-term implications on the overall success of the … Continue reading

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Entryway Mats: Some Thoughts on Longevity

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Blue Entrance Mat

Many homeowners would agree the challenge of selecting the perfect lasting door mat for your home or business can be quite a nuisance.  Oftentimes, with a year’s worth of exposure to the elements and heavy foot traffic, most mats appear worn, frayed and tired destined for the garbage.  However, these mats are important to protecting your interior floors and coverings.  For high traffic doorways, consider … Continue reading

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Deal of the Week: International Welcome Mat

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Welcome Mat

Our deal of the week features our fun and inviting international welcome mat.  No matter your native language, or that of your guests, you will enjoy the convenience offered by this popular member of our Use and Wash series.   The dirt trapping nature of this floor mat will help keep your home or office spotless; while the anti-slip backing will keep visitors safe and secure.  … Continue reading

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