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  • Office Chair Mats

    for carpet and hard floors.

    from just £18.99
  • Natural Coir Mats

    in a wide range of colours and materials

    from just £21.99
  • Explore our massive

    range of Dirt Trapper Mats for your home or office

    from just £79.99
  • Decorative Stair Tread Mats

    in a wide range of colours and materials

    from just £19.99

Door Mats, Floor Mats, Stair Treads, Chair Mats and Commercial Matting Solutions

Welcome to Floor Mats UK! We offer you a broad range of floor protection solutions comprising indoor and outdoor door mats, floor mats, welcome mats, rubber mats, chair mats, coir mats and commercial as well as industrial matting solutions. We are proud to stock the UK’s largest selection of office chair mats and stair mats which include many standard sizes and shapes as well as customized selections for hard floor (e.g. hardwood, laminate, tiles, etc.) as well as carpet protector solutions.

Door Mats and Floor Mats

We offer the most comprehensive selections of high quality floor matting including: custom and logo floor mats, anti static mats, entrance matting, door mats, welcome mats, anti fatigue mats, rubber mats, clear polypropylene and polycarbonate chair mats, kitchen mats, pool, safety and gym mats.

Our floor matting solutions protect home, office and industrial areas from wear and tear. Our product range includes classic, modern and coir designs, hallway runners and rubber floor matting as well as logo, front door, entrance and commercial mats. Our floor and door mats are available in many sizes. We also offer a cutting service and can manufacture door mats to your individual specifications.

Stair Mats for indoor and outdoor use

Our range of stair treads comprises attractive stair carpets that increase the value and appeal of your home. Add a distinctive edge to your steps with the installation of our stair mats available in more than 50 styles. We stock many different materials, such as sisal, textile and clear polycarbonate. Our product range includes outdoor and indoor stair mats.

Office Chair Mats

Chair mats facilitate chair movement and protect the underlying office floor from wear and tear. We offer chair mat solutions for hard floor and carpet floor protection in many sizes, colours and shapes. Custom sized chair mats can be manufactured to your specifications and requirements.

Anti Fatigue Mats / Commercial and Industrial Matting

In our commercial business segment we offer anti fatigue floor mats to relief body stress during working hours. Anti-fatigue comfort mats are essential where workers stand and walk to help ease leg, foot, and lower back fatigue and pain. Our anti-fatigue mats come in a variety of styles and thicknesses to meet your needs and budget. Anti-static floor mats absorb static electricity and maintain a healthy working environment.

All Rubber Matting

All Rubber Matting is comprised of various kinds of mats such as anti-fatigue mats, door mats, entrance mats and runner mats - all pure rubber. Commercial rubber mats are made to withstand the most extreme industrial environments. Rubber mats add to safety and prevent slip and fall accidents. Clean area mats prevent contaminants from entering sterile facilities.

Custom Door Mats and Logo Mats

Custom door mats are perfect for promoting your company's image and for improving the visual appeal of your office or home. Logo mats combine the dirt trapping benefits of a floor mats with an eye-catching design that can enhance branding and marketing efforts. For either indoor and outdoor locations, our logo entrance mats will promote your business most effectively.