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Anti-Slip Textured Rubber Safety Mat
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  • Anti-slip safety mats
  • Made using rot-proof PVC
  • Granular abrasion particles for extra grip
  • Effective drainage capabilities
  • Anti-fatigue properties
  • All weather resistant
  • Thickness: 6-7mm
Product description

Anti-slip Textured Safety Mats

This anti-slip safety mat is ideal for use in wet and slippery environments. Due to their freeze proof structure, this matting performs especially well in ice and snowy conditions. Totally uncomplicated and made from rot-proof PVC, this mat can be used in all outdoor areas. Granular abrasion particles are applied on to a poly-vinyl chloride-PVC backing layer in a special production process.

The rough surface provides effective protection against slipping on wet, icy and muddy floors, giving you a great feeling of security. Perfect for use in workplaces that experience high volume foot traffic and also work that involves high volumes of water spillage.

The soft PVC safety mats provide a cushioned surface which helps relive the feet, joints and spine, thus reducing the pressures and stress to which workers are exposed to on daily basis. These mats also help with blood circulation, providing extra relief on the musculoskeletal system further maintaining the health of employees. We offer the ergonomic mats in the natural-looking colors brown and gray (salt & pepper).

Anti-Slip Certifications

  • Professional Association for Occupational Safety (BIA)
  • Review Group for slip resistance R13
  • Review Group for displacement space V10
  • Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (Bfu) EMPA, Switzerland

If you want to provide maximum protection for your outdoor floors, you might be interested to know that this matting is also available with matching Anti-Slip Stair Treads.

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