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Anti-Static Chair Mats (Transparent) | Carpet Floor
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  • Anti static carpet chair mat
  • Prevents against static buildup
  • Protects against everyday wear and tear
  • Thickness excluding studs: 2mm
  • Castor proof (DIN 68131)
  • Noise dampening properties
  • Free from harmful toxins
  • Suitable for medium pile carpets
Product description

Anti-Static Chair Mats – Carpet Floor (Transparent)

Our new range of Performa Anti-static chair mats for carpets are a great way to protect your floor, at the same time as maintaining its appearance. With anti-static properties which help prevent the buildup of electro static energy, static disperse in no longer an issue. Due to the manufacturing process and the high-quality polycarbonate granules used from these mats, anti-static buildup is eliminated, thus preventing any unwanted shocks.

Anti-static prevention is also very important in busy working environments as such shocks can lead to fires and accidents.

Performa chair mats provide effective protection for carpet floors up to 17mm deep. They also help to repel dirt and moisture making sure your carpet stays fresh and clean. This particular chair mat is designed for carpet floors and features a structured studded backing that holds the mat safely in place while in use.

*Important: These chair mats are not suitable for hard floors (e.g. laminate, hardwood) or low pile carpets (e.g. needle felt carpets, carpet tiles). Follow this link if you are looking for a chair mat for hard floors or low pile carpets.

Anti-Static Carpet Chair Mat - Technical Details:

  • Prevents against every day wear and tear
  • Prevents against static buildup caused by rolling and movement of chair
  • 4mm studded backing keeps the mats firmly in place
  • Castor proof (DIN 68131)
  • Noise dampening and sound reducing properties
  • Flame retardant (DIN 4102/B1)
  • Free of toxins and harmful materials (emission test TFI - No. 006-02140)
  • Our Performa anti-static chair mats are approved as “Anti-static Flooring” according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.
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Material Polycarbonate
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