Anti Static Chair Mats
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Anti Static Chair Mats - For Carpets & Hard Floors

Within any office environment, the area most under stress is the floor located around the desk. Over time, office chairs can begin to wear away at the floor causing unsightly scratches and scuffs. On laminate and wood especially, providing effective protection is essential in maintaining the appearance and practicality of your floor. Chair mats are designed to not only protect your floors, but are also a great way to allow for fluid movement while carrying out your daily office tasks.

Our new range of anti-static chair mats not only repels dirt and moisture, but also provides optimal protection against the buildup of static-charge, helping create a safer and more efficient working environment. These mats are offered in a variety of sizes and materials and are suitable for use on hard floors and carpets.

The most impressive feature of this range of anti-static chair mats is their static prevention. This is achieved by the materials and manufacturing process used. Various everyday objects such as door handles or chairs may at times act as a conductor for electro static energy and give off a small shock. However, with the use of these chair mats this is no longer a problem.

EPH Anti-static Chair Mats

This range of Chair mats is approved as "Anti-static Flooring" according to  DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. To view this certification click the EPH Logo.