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Office Chair Mats for Hard Floors and Carpets

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We offer a great selection of office chair mats, carpet protectors and hardwood floor mats, from economy to high quality. Choose your chair mat based on usage, office needs and appearance. You are able to select your office mat from four product series.

Office chair mats help protect your floors and provide guaranteed efficiency, creating a safe and productive working environment.

Select our PRO Series Office Chair Mats for optimum transparency, durability and performance.
Select our PP Series Mats as a good value budget solution with no plastic material emissions whatsoever (PVC-free).
Select our Black Label or Smoke Series as a beautiful design solution with excellent properties.



Office Marshal® Floor Protection Solutions

Our Office Marshal® brand is a globally trusted trademark praised for providing consistent and reliable floor protection solutions. Our range of Office Marshal® chair mats offers you a range of quality products, each with its own unique characteristic. Whether for office chair solutions, anti-slip properties, or for all purpose floor protection; these mats offer a reliable solution for everyone.