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Coco Soil | Coconut Fibre | Coco Coir
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  • The ultimate natural growing media for your plants
  • Increased air porosity for superior plant growth
  • Excellent water retention that requires less frequent watering
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat soils
  • Natural weed repellent and prohibits mould growth
  • Suitable for potting mixes, flower beds, providing root support
  • 20 litre bag of loose coconut fibre soil, no hazardous fertilizers included
Product description

Coco Soil | Coconut Fibre | Coco Coir 

For highly oxygenated, mould inhibiting, and sustainable soiling choose the natural Coco Soil

Coconut coir provides the optimum environment for plant growth, helping your garden reach its full potential. Coarse coco chips improve the ventilation of the soil, supplying the necessary amounts of oxygen to plant roots. This impressive coco soil has antifungal and natural weed repellent properties, supplying your flowers with the best chance of striving. Not to mention the impressive water retention, the organic coconut fibres require less frequent watering than other soils. 

Coco soil is the perfect alternative to traditional non-renewable peat-based composts. This sustainable coco coir is the eco-friendly choice for improving your garden. Planting coco soil is made out of the parts of the coconut that goes to waste. Bets of all, coconut coir is reusable, helping to support your eco-friendly garden for many years to come. 

The coconut fibre soil is suitable for potted plants, frost protection, worm bin bedding and flower beds. Available in a 20 litre volume with no added fertilisers or potentially dangerous chemicals to worry about.

Product details:

  • Material: 100% natural coconut fibres
  • Contents: 20 litres
  • recyclable
  • Resistant to mould
  • Ideal for growing seedlings or sowing plants
  • Suitable for exotics

Choose the Coco Soil for all your gardening needs, the eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat and soil solutions

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