Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find below a collection of questions, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context. The answer to each question should cover all the information you need on the topic but please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require any additional information. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are organized into different topic pages. The list of topic areas is shown below, along with brief explanations of what kinds of questions are answered in each topic area.

1. General Questions

What are the applicable delivery costs? Will there be sales tax on my order?
What payment methods do you offer? How long does delivery take?
Is your site and my credit card data safe? How do you protect my personal information – will I receive any adverts?
Do you offer rebates for bulk orders? How long is the guarantee?

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2. Chair Mats

How do I choose the most suitable chair mat? What is Vinyl/PVC?
I am looking for transparent chair mats – which ones should I choose? What is polycarbonate?
Can I order customized chair mats (sizes and shapes)? What chair mat size do you recommend for a standard office/room size?
What materials are chair mats made of? My previous PVC chair mat broke – why are polycarbonate chair mats better?

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3. Floor Mats

Can I order customized floor mats? Are your floor mats washable?
Are your floor mats washable? Are the colours shown on your website exactly the colours I can expect?
Which of your floor mats absorb and retain the most water? Is vinyl or rubber a better backing for a mat?
How do I determine the best mat for my purpose? What is the best mat for handling snow and slush?

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4. Stair Treads

How is the size of the stair tread measured? Do I need any additional tools, equipment or material to apply the treads?
Can I remove stair treads without damaging my stairs? What is the packaged amount / How many stair treads do I receive?
Do you offer any carpets matching my stair treads? What advantages do stair treads have?
My stairs are already scratched/damaged – are stair treads of any use for me? What is Sisal?

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5. Logo Mats

What file format should I use when I upload my logo?
Will I be able to approve the design before the logo mat is manufactured?
What sizes are available? How long will production of my logo mat take?
Can I still cancel my order once the artwork has been produced? What colours are available for my mat?
What type of material are logo mats made from? Are logo mats also effective dirt trapper mats?

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