My previous PVC chair mat broke - why are polycarbonate chair mats better?

The durability of a chair mat depends on the plastic compound that is used in its production process.

Chair Mats are made from plastics and different plastic compounds have differing grades of durability, impact resistance and hardness.

  • PVC Chair Mats are the most likely chair mats to break since PVC is only of moderate durability and hardness. Particularly PVC chair mats for carpet floors often break after only a few years of use and need to be replaced.

  • Hard plastic materials such as Polycarbonate and Polypropylene guarantee that chair mats are break-resistant and have a very high impact strength. Polycarbonate, for example, is used in military as well as civil aviation and known for its high transparency and durability.

In addition, a harder plastic compound has the added advantage that your office chair does not become stuck or sinks into the chair mat.

When purchasing a chair mat we recommend to not only compare prices but also the material the chair mat is made of. We offer a broad range of chair mat materials to fit all requirements and budgets.

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