Can I order customized chair mats (sizes and shapes)?

Yes, we offer customized chair mats for hard floors and carpet floors.

Our PRO series chair mats are fully customizable from 70x100cm to 200x300cm. Select Customized Size from the Size Selection Menu on the product details page and enter your required size to receive an immediate quote. The applicable price per square metre is also displayed on the product detail page for full transparency.

Your chair mat will be manufactured according to your size selection once you confirm your order.

Chair Mats for Hard Floors Cut to Size    Chair Mats for Carpet Floors Cut to Size

Delivery time for customized chair mats is approx. two weeks.

Your account will only be charged once the chair mat is ready to be dispatched. Note that cancellations are not possible for custom orders.

We do not offer customized chair mat shapes, so all custom cut chair mats are rectangular. We do, however, offer a selection of standard size chair mats in different shapes, such as chair mats with lip and circular chair mats.

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