Coir Mats
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Coir Mats

Coir mats offer an elegant, natural addition to any doorway, entrance, or walkway. Constructed from the natural absorbent fibres of coconuts, these mats are able to soak up and collect large amounts of water and dirt, helping ensure that your floors and entrances stay dry and clean around the clock.

The bristles of the natural coconut fibres provide a rough and rugged surface to wipe your feet, swiftly removing any dirt or mud from shoes. A thick highly absorbent pile then traps the dirt and keeps it away from your floors. 

On top of their efficient cleaning capabilities , all coir mats we stock are fitted with non-slip rubber backings which help keep them firmly in place. This also helps ensure stability while in use, and prevents against slips, trips and falls. 

Also extremely easy to clean and maintain, these mats require nothing more than hot water to wash away any build up. They can even be cleaned with a simple beating or vacuuming.

A coir mat is an all around guaranteed product and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our coir mats come available in a variety of sizes and patterns, providing an option appropriate for any entrance. So why not consider an eco-friendly solution that is guaranteed to perform and last.

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