Dirt Trapper Mats - Passage Series 

These high-tech dirt trapper mats are specially engineered with triple-fibre technology to trap dirt and dust from high traffic areas where it is needed the most. Scientifically designed to hold up to 30% more debris than ordinary floor mats, this mat uses polyamide and polyester fibres in three unique weaves to retain moisture, dirt, and dust.

  • Firm, rigid dirt trapper fibres brush against the sole to dislodge particles
  • Soft fibres trap moisture and foreign objects on the mat
  • The middle layer is a combination of rigid and soft fibres and provides a cushioned walking surface

Three stripes of fashionable earth tones allow this mat to blend in anywhere, indoors or outdoors, at home, in the office, or on the schoolyard. The durable construction of this dirt trapper mat makes it easy to clean with a broom or vacuum sweeper. Two convenient sizes and the option to order customized lengths make it an ideal choice, particulary for high traffic commercial areas.

Size Selection

Passage entrance door dirt rapper mats can be custom cut to fit your size specifications. Simply select Customized Size from the drop-down menu at the beginning of this page and enter your required size.

Custom sized mats come with two lengthwise integral rubber edges but the two ends are without edging (only those, standard sizes have 4-sided rubber edging).

Passage Entrance Mat without edgingImage: Passage Entrance Mat without Edging Service (mat colour is brown, this picture is only to illustrate the rubber edges) Passage Entrance Mat with edgingImage: Passage Entrance Mat with Edging Service
(mat colour is brown, this picture is only to illustrate the rubber edges)

If you would like to add edges to the two shorter ends please add our Edging Service to your shopping basket together with the Passage mat you would like to purchase. We will then add rubber edges to all four sides of the mat.

Availability: In stock
Material: Polyamide, Polyester
Colour: Brown
Form: Rectangular | Rubber Edging
Thickness: 10 mm
Select Size:
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Delivery time 2-3 days. Customised size approx. 3-4 weeks

Quick Facts

  • dirt trapper mats - heavy duty commercial
  • preserves flooring, absorbs moisture and dirt
  • brushing and scraping effect lifts wet, dry and greasy dirt from shoes
  • rubber backing keeps the mat safely in place
  • total weight of approx. 2.7 kg/m²
  • approx. 10mm thick
  • suitable for commercial use

Customer Reviews


Feb 2011
Size matters

Review by johnps

Value for Money
Excellent doormats are not as easily found as one might think.
Some absorb, some scrape, some look good .... but getting all three features in one mat is what really 'matters'.
The floormats Heavy Duty Entrance Mat Passage is very close to meeting all three goals.  
What is missing is the ability to buy the mats in sizes other than those that floormats have decided for you. Sure the mats can be ordered by length, but the two standard widths are not negotiable and this severely limits the customers choice.
So come on floormats ... let's have some real customer focus and add a line of these mats that are sized to the customer dimensions.  OK charge a bit more ... but each time I use the mats I had to cut in half to fit my doorways I think " Now there is a company that could focus more on what its customers really want" !
No more excuses now you have been told ... shape up to the customers sizes and gain a unique selling proposition .... now who could refuse that offer !
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Feb 2012
Brilliant product !

Review by Barbara

Value for Money
Thought out of the box and used this under my printer, which now is mega quiet! Also works well under door mat in hall. Really heavy good quality product. Bit expensive but worth every penny.
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