The Serengeti design floor mat is a multi-purpose mat from our Use & Wash Series. As a dog mat or pet mat it is perfect for pet lovers and African enthusiasts alike. The beige and brown design features the familiar profiles of an antelope, ostrich, and an elephant against a faux weave pattern that recalls the style and feel of Africa.

The colour infused dyes are warrantied for machine washing up to 100 times in warm water with gentle laundry detergent. The "Use & Wash" label assures a high quality product that cleans easily in any environment.

A pleasing focal point for your home. Your dog will love its new dog mat. In the unlikely event that it does not, the mat can also be used as an entrance mat or door mat or anywhere in the office, as it is truely multi-purpose.

The nitrile rubber backing is a smooth non-slip surface that adheres to any location with security.

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Material: Nylon, Polyamide
Colour: Beige, Brown
Form: Rectangular | Rubber Edging
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Quick Facts

  • multi-purpose mat from our Use & Wash Series
  • perfect as a dog mat, pet mat or general purpose floor mat
  • durable surface traps dirt, dog hair, dust and moisture
  • provides a pleasant and comfortable surface
  • warrantied for machine washing up to 100 times
  • approx. 8mm thick
  • non-slip rubber backing
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