Dirt Trapper Mats
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    Length: 40 - 135cm / Width: 60 - 200cm
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Dirt Trapper Mats and Runners

Our selection of classic dirt trapper mats encompasses solid and two-toned coloured floor mats that are suitable for home, commercial and industrial use. Please use the left sidebar to sort products by product colour, material, shape or characteristics.

Dirt trapper Mat Characteristics

We distinguish between dirt trapper mats and runners that are suitable for Home and Office use and barrier matting that is suitable for Very High Traffic Areas. The former comprises all mats that can be used at home, as front door mats, in the hallway, kitchen or entrance area, or in office or commercial areas where only a limited number of people have access. The latter refers to very high foot traffic areas such as shops, schools, public buildings, etc.


We stock a large number of different colours, and you can sort our range of products by colour by clicking the colour you desire in the left sidebar. Please also discover our range of designer floor mats if you are interested in multi-coloured mats.


Cotton mats are made from 100% cotton fibres. Available in a variety of colours and designs, these affordable dirt trapper mats absorb water, mud and dirt. They are very durable, rubber backed and machine washable. Nylon and polyamide makes for excellent barrier mats in heavy traffic areas. They are available in dozens of colours and sizes. The ease of colouration offered by polyamide nylon pile fibre plays a major role in giving carpet designers the wide freedom of styling and design that they so highly appreciate - providing bright and long lasting colours that preserve the appeal and value of your property.

Shape and Size

Our smallest available dirt trapper mat is 40x60cm, the largest mat is as long as 20 metres in size. Many of our products are available in custom sizes, all of which we manufacture to fit your size requirements. Simply select Customized Size on the product page and enter your desired size. Our custom sized mats are only little more expensive than the standard sizes, so don't hesitate to give it a try and get a mat that fits perfectly.