Door Mats
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  • Heavy-Duty Rubber Ring Mat 23mm

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    Length: 40 - 100cm / Width: 60 - 200cm
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Door Mats

Available in a wide array of colours and sizes, these stylish and practical doormats provide you with an affordable solution for any indoor or outdoor environment.

Excellent Washable Dirt Trapping Doormats

Our doormat collection offers a wide range of styles and designs, all of which serve as excellent protection for even the busiest doorways. With our products customers can expect years of use from any one of the choices available in the product line. Due to the mats washable nature, it's now easier than every to keep them looking fresh and new, ensuring long lasting effect.

Wide Range of Shapes, Sizes and Colours

Offered in a wide range of textures and colours, each of our doormats has its own set of unique characteristics that promote dirt trapping and moisture absorption, both welcome characteristics in any doormat.

In addition to solid colours, these mats are also available in a stylish collection of prints and geometric designs, lending an aesthetically appealing allure to any entrance. Decorators will delight in the affordable yet durable nature of this line of entrance mats.

All our products are available with free delivery and carry a flexible return policy with a minimum one-year guarantee. We believe that all we offer is top quality, and that customers will be rewarded with a high-quality, yet affordable end product that exceeds all expectations.