Set comprising four side pieces / edging strips matching our:

Garage Floor Tiles (Solid Surface) and Garage Floor Tiles (Drainage).

Dimensions: 378 x 55 mm

How many edging strips do I need?

The number of edging strips required depends on the floor space to be covered. Simply add the number of tiles on two sides of your tile layout to arrive at the total number of side pieces required. For example:

Tile Layout: 4 x 8 tiles / Edging Strips required: 4 + 8 (= 12)

Tile Layout: 5 x 10 tiles / Edging Strips required: 5 + 10 (= 15)

Availability: In stock
Size: 37.8 x 5.5 cm
Material: Polypropylene
Form: Edging Strips
Packaged Amount: Set of 4
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Quick Facts

  • Edging strips matching our Garage Floor Tiles
  • Set of 4 pieces
  • Very durable, shock-absorbent
  • Resistant to water, most chemicals, stains & UV
  • Provides thermal and noise insulation
  • Technologically advanced surface coating
  • Easy installation and maintenance
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