Needle Felt Carpet and Flooring

Comfort and beauty with softness and classic style. Our Grey needle felt carpet and flooring is made of a durable quality which is one of its most appealing aspects; making it an ideal installation for areas where Castor chairs and heavy equipment are constantly in use. Having a polypropylene mixture, it easily withstands the everyday heavy foot traffic in the large office or home. Being heat and flame resistant, the felt carpet has been awarded the GUT seal of the German Eco-friendly community. Additionally, the felt carpet is sound damping, absorbs moisture and provides insulation against extreme temperatures. 

  • Available in 11 various colours
  • Robust needle-felt polypropylene mixture 
  • Resistant to flame and extreme temperatures 
  • Awarded German (GUT) Certificate
  • Available in 2m widths and length to measure

With various lengths available in 2m widths, the carpet is simple to install. Dirt can be removed easily with a vacuum cleaner. 

Availability: In stock
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Grey
Colour: Grey/Blue
Form: Rectangular
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Quick Facts

  • Robust needle-felt polypropylene mixture
  • Resistant to flame and extreme temperatures
  • Awarded German (GUT) Certificate
  • Available in 2m width and lengths to measure
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