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Galvanized Wire | Plant Support | 3.1 mm Thick
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  • Galvanised with zinc coating for protection against rusting and corrosion
  • Durable 3.1 mm thick wiring for reliable results
  • Simply cut to required length for home and garden purposes  
  • Allow your flowers to reach their true potential with our plant supports
  • Flexible wiring allowing bending around tight angles
  • Versatile use; binding wire, flower ties, fence repairs
  • 3 colours available for all your domestic and garden needs
Product description

Galvanised Wire | Plant Support | 3.1 mm Thick

Are you looking for a robust yet flexible weatherproof wiring for plant support? Look no further than our Galvanised Wire

Our high quality galvanised wire is ideally suited to all your garden needs. The perfect balance of durability and flexibility creates a high-performing plant supports that gives your vegetables and flowers something to lean and climb on. This allows you to fit more plants on your land while encouraging good air circulation. You do not have to worry about rusting or corrosion over time, the steel climbing plant supports are coated in zinc creating weatherproof wiring for all your outdoor projects. 

The robust 3.1 mm thick binding wire is a popular choice in construction for binding materials together due to the unmatched strength of this all-weather wiring. The flexibility of the galvanised wire enables you to wrap the wire around tight bends and difficult angles making it the ideal tying tool for DIY and construction. Whether you are creating a fence, hanging a heavy painting or using the flower wire as garden ties, you can rest assured that this versatile metal wire has got you covered.

Choose between 3 subtle colours and lengths of wire roll, you are sure to find the correct colour scheme for your garden, home or farm. For custom projects, simply cut the florist wire to your desired length using a wire cutter.

Product details:

  • Wiring coated in zinc
  • Colour: anthracite, green, galvanized
  • 3.1mm thickness
  • Rolls of 55, 80 or 110 m in length
  • Weather and corrosion-resistant
  • Robust and flexible
  • Uses: plant support, binding wire, flower ties, fence repairs

Opt for the Galvanised Wire for a versatile and reliable wiring solution for all your domestic and outdoor projects

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