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  1. bird netting to protect your flowers from birds
    Heavy-Duty Bird Netting | Protective Mesh Net


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Wide Selection of Highly Effective Gardening Products

We provide garden & outdoor products of the highest quality that enable you to carry out all types of DIY garden projects. Whether you are looking to border off your flower bed, create a vertical garden, use a plant cover or are looking for the ultimate growing media for your flowers and trees, you can be certain to find all your gardening requirements here.

Browse our natural bamboo and weatherproof metal wiring plant supports, great for supporting the growth of vegetables, flowers and shrub. Choose between the coir disk or rug plant cover in many available sizes to help your plants survive the colder winter months. We offer loose coco soil in 20 litre bags or dried out coco coir bricks which have been compacted for easy transportation. Border off your lawn, flower bed or pond with our PVC coated garden border fence, pick between multiple sizes to match your needs.

Additionally, we offer a diverse range of other outdoor products so that you can really make the most of your garden. Check out our wooden decking tiles to give your terrace a natural look that blends in with the nature in your garden. Protect your garden against unwanted guests with wire fencing or use privacy screens to visually block off nosey passer-by’s, check out our fencing catalogue here. We all know maintaining a lawn can become very time consuming especially during the summer months, make sure to check out our artificial grass for an effortless alternative.

Advantages and uses of plant supports

  • Protect your plants from falling over in windy conditions with vertical support
  • Keeps fruits off the ground where they can potentially become damaged
  • Plants that are upright are easier to maintain
  • Use the bamboo canes to construct trellises
  • Our galvanised wire can be used as binding wire, flower ties or fence repairs

Why should you use coir plant covers

  • Protect your plants from excessive frost during colder winter months
  • Antifungal and weed inhibiting properties
  • Coir is a sustainable and renewable material made out of fallen coconut shells
  • Creates the optimum growing conditions by providing nutrients and being permeable to air and water, allowing your plants to thrive

The benefits of using coco soil

  • Superior water retention that requires less frequent watering
  • Increased air porosity
  • Natural weed repellent and prohibits mould growth
  • Biodegrades slower than other composts for longer-lasting results