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Outdoor Play Mats

Outdoor Play Mats

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  1. Rubber Grass Mats
    Rubber Grass Mats - Custom Sizes Available


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Outdoor Play Mats - Rubber Playground Tiles

Where children play, accidents can happen. They run and jump, slip and slide, climb and fall, laugh and occasionally cry. As they grow and learn, children become brave and bold – taking risks that can sometimes lead to falls. There is no sure-fire way to prevent accidents completely, but you can add some extra safety and put in place precautions to minimise the damage and risk of injury, should an accident occur. You can do this with our outdoor play mats, designed to increase safety in any play area or playground.

Our soft rubber playground mats are ideal for adding an extra layer of security to any outdoor playground or play area. Trips and slips happen, so its important that the correct measures are in place to help prevent injury. Our outdoor play mats do just that, providing fall and impact protection, reducing the risk of injury when accidents happen. The playground mats are composed of high-density recycled rubber granulate, free of harmful chemicals and 100% environmentally friendly. Rubber playground mats and tiles are especially useful precautions to take in areas where children climb, slide and swing. Keep the plain classic look or mix up the colours to make fun tile designs, we've got lots of colours to choose from. We have 23mm25mm or 40mm safety mats to choose from. We also have rubber grass mats for use in play areas and playgrounds.

Whether in the day-care centre, at the school playground or in your own garden - these safety mats, composed of shock absorbing and recyclable rubber granulate, will transform dangerous hard ground into a soft yet robust playing surface wherever you are, and whatever the weather. The rubber playground flooring is shock absorbing for falls and jumps, and is also anti-slip thanks to the slightly pored surface. Due to their open-pore structure, the mats allow rain and cleaning water to flow away, without the formation of puddles. The outdoor play mats are therefore safely playable in all weather conditions and in every season, so the fun never stops! Measure your play area and order your playground mats today, they'll be with you soon and are extremely quick and easy to lay.

Let the Fun Begin with our High Quality and Safety-Assured Playground Mats!

      • SAFE: Shock-absorbing fall protection mats for reducing the risk of injury on hard surfaces in play areas.
      • WATER-RESISTANT: rapid drainage of water thanks to the open-pore granulate structure. With no build-up of moisture, your play area will be ready to play on all day.
      • RELIABLE: non-slip, insulating, sound-absorbing, antistatic, pollution-free, weather-resistant, easy-care and extremely easy to lay.
      • VERSATILE: May be used in playgrounds at a creche, day-care centre or school, public sports and games facilities, amusement parks, terraces and gardens, and just about indoor or outdoor areas.
      • ECO-FRIENDLY: Kind to skin and environmentally friendly, our outdoor play mats do not emit harmful chemicals - so they're good for your children, pets and of course, mother nature.

As seen on ITV's 'Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh'