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Safety Mat Play-Protect Plus | Double Size, Thickness: 23mm
90% of 1001
  • XL size: 100x50cm outdoor play mats
  • Can withstand temperatures - 30 ° C to +100 ° C
  • Weatherproof and UV Resistant
  • Shock absorbent to prevent injury
  • Anti-slip safety flooring
  • Eco friendly and kind to skin
Product description

XL Outdoor Play Mats - Play-Protect Plus, 23mm

These are our largest available outdoor play mats with each tile measuring 50 x 100 cm. Just 2 of these tiles can be combined to create a perfect square with an area size of 1m² of playground flooring. At approximately 23mm thick, these tiles represent fantastic value for money and offer invaluable protection and peace of mind in play areas.

These fall protection outdoor play mats are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Each mat is manufactured using the highest quality rubber granules to ensure the best possible anti slip surface and protection against both the sun and harsh weather conditions. This also makes them very easy to clean with the use of a pressure washer. The fall protection mats can be used for a number of purposes including childs swings, climbing frames, play towers, walkways, garages, or in commercial or industrial areas, and more.

23mm thick, these high-quality outdoor play mats are available in five attractive colours and will add an element of safety to dangerous, hard outdoor surfaces. The fall protection mats have highly effective shock-absorbing properties and thus protect the wellbeing of children in playgrounds and other play areas. The outdoor play mats are extremely easy to install and will provide a safe surface for years to come.  Play-Protect Plus outdoor play mats offer the perfect fall protection. They are hard-wearinganti-slip and weather-resistant, and with the heavy weight of approx. 10kg per mat, the robust mats will withstand all the wear and tear of the playground. 

These playground outdoor safety mats blend well with other colours, and allow you to get creative and create a colourful floor design. With each fall protection mat, you can ensure the protection of a free fall height of 0.75 meters. So you can place another precautionary safety measure in any fall-prone play area, including playgrounds, swings, slides, climbing frames or even basketball courts. In the event of an accident or fall, the outdoor play mat absorbs part of the impact force and thereby helps reduce the damage to the faller. It can be all fun and games in the playground, but safety should always come first – Put in place the necessary measures with our Play Protect Plus outdoor play mats.

Outdoor Play Mat Features

  • Packaged amount: 1 x Outdoor Play Mats (100 x 50 cm)
  • Material: High density crumb rubber
  • Thickness: 23 mm
  • Area: 100 x 50 cm 
  • Weight: ca. 10 kg per tile
  • Hardness: shore A +/-5°: 75
  • Oil resistant, non-slip properties
  • Temperature resistance: - 30° C to + 100°C (all weather proof)
  • Colours: black, red, green, blue and grey
  • Critical fall height CFH up to 0.75 m
  • Easy to clean and maintain (suitable for jet washing)
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

This series has a thickness of approx. 23mm and provides a significant protective performance as well as anti-slip properties preventing accidents and injuries.

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Material Rubber
Size 50 x 100 cm
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