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Plant Cover | Coir Disk – Multiple Sizes Available
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  • Protect your plants from excessive frost during Winter months
  • Allows water and air to pass through, creating the ideal growing conditions
  • Antifungal and weed inhibiting properties
  • Sustainable material made out of fallen coconut shells
  • Multiple sizes and sets available for plants and pots of all sizes
  • Durable material for long-lasting protection
  • Suitable for flower beds, potted flowers and crops
Product description

Plant Cover | Coir Disk – Multiple Sizes Available

Give your plants the best chance to survive the colder months of Winter and choose the Coir Disk Cover

You can now provide the optimum growing conditions for your plants and flowers even during the colder months of Winter. The coir plant cover is designed to protect your flowers from excessive heat and frost. Our coconut cover allows air to pass through while also being water permeable and providing nutrients to your covered plants, creating a perfect environment for your plants to thrive. Additionally, our natural horticultural fleece contains antifungal and weed inhibiting properties, ensuring the proper health of your garden. 

Rest assured that your ground cover was constructed using a sustainable material. No tress are felled when creating this product, the outer shell of fallen coconuts are broken down to provide you with this natural garden remedy. This eco-friendly material is the perfect alternative to harmful plastic coves.

Choose between multiple sizes and handy sets for all your garden needs. Our coco fibre protection rug is suitable for plant beds, potted plants and crops. It can be easily cut for every type of garden purpose while guaranteeing the complete protection of your plants. Don’t worry about the longevity of your coco fibre protection disk, the natural strength of coir creates long-lasting results.

Product details:

  • Material: 100% natural coconut fibres
  • Available diameters: 25 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm
  • Available quantities: 1, 5, 10 or 20
  • Biodegradable
  • Ideal for protecting potted plants from weeds, cold and dehydration
  • Can be cut to any size

Create the optimum growing conditions for your flowers and choose the natural Coco Disk Cover

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Material Coir
Color Natural
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