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Chair Mat for Hard Floors - PRO Series (transparent)
98% of 1001


  • highly transparent polycarbonate chair mat, 100% PVC-free
  • non-skid backing for hard floors
  • approx. 2mm thick high-lifetime polycarbonate
  • crack-, curl-, break-, scratch- and yellow-resistant
  • non-smelling and dirt-resistant
  • noise dampening
  • free from toxic chemicals, totally recyclable
  • suitable for underfloor heating
Product description

Polycarbonate Chair Mat - PRO Series

These polycarbonate chair mats are the ideal solution to protect your flooring from wear and tear and to preserve the value and appeal of your home or office. They also enable you to easily and smoothly roll from task to task in your workspace or home.

Our PRO series chair mats are made from polycarbonate and 100% PVC-free. They are more transparent, more durable as well as more environmentally and health friendly than chair mats made out of other plastic materials such as PVC.

These chair mats are suitable to protect all hard floors, e.g. hardwood, laminate, tiles and concrete. They are not suitable for carpet floorings (follow this link for carpet protector chair mats).


What is polycarbonate?

What is Vinyl/PVC?

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