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Rubber Mat Connectors
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  • Specifically for use with the Heavy-Duty Rubber Ring Mat
  • Securely joins together separate pieces of matting
  • Easy to use, no extra tools required
Product description

Connecting Rubber Mats

These rubber mat connectors come with specially designed slots that allow them to easily connect several rubber mats to one larger area of rubber matting.

  • These connectors are designed to connect two or more pieces of our Heavy-Duty Rubber Ring Mat. We cannot guarantee that they fit other types of rubber mats.

These connectors ensure a tight mounting, and allow you to construct a number of different arrays to fit any situation. The neutral black colour will match with most other products, and will also help to hide debris. They can easily be put together and taken apart by hand, without the aid of any specific tools. Perhaps most importantly, they are as durable as the rubber mats they are connecting.

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Material Rubber
Color Pale Taupe
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