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Rubber Mat with Small Holes
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  • Available in 2 standard sizes and customized sizes
  • Drainage holes allow liquids to flow away quickly and safely
  • Studs on the underside prevent the mat from slipping
  • Greatly improves traction underfoot
  • Mat connectors also available
Product description

Customisable Rubber Mat

This durable rubber mat is ideal for preventing floors and walkways from turning slippery and dangerous due to moisture. The rings act as an efficient drainage system, drawing moisture away from the walking surface to allow for safe passage.

This carefully designed rubber mat introduces smaller rings that will cause the least difficulty to wheelchairs, pushchairs, trolleys, rolling suitcases, or passerby on crutches. Large rings can cause wheels and crutches to catch and stick, a true nuisance in public buildings and heavily-travelled walkways.

The smaller rings in this rubber ring mat prevent such problems, and ensure safe, dry, and smooth passage for every pedestrian. The mat is weather-proofed and constructed of tough rubber, able to withstand the most taxing conditions. Small studs on the underside of each mat allow moisture to easily drain away and keep mats securely in place.

Also available with beveled edging

Size Selection

This rubber mat is approx. 1.3 cm thick. It is available in two standard sizes and can be customized to fit your size requirements. Simply select Customized Size from the size selection menu and enter your required size (Length: 70 - 500 cm / Width: 70 - 200 cm).

Custom Sizes Available!

Note that one square metre of this rubber mat has a total weight of 9.8 kg.

We therefore recommend that your order should not exceed a total of 5 square metres cut in one single piece as it would be very difficult to lift and move the mat.

Convenient, easy-to-use connectors allow multiple mats to easily be attached to one another to form a continuous platform.

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