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Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat | 8mm Thick | Washing Machine, Gym & Protective Flooring
  • Sound proofing and impact absorbing protective flooring
  • Thermal resistance from -30 ° C to +100° C
  • Reduces the noise and vibration caused by washing machines, dryers etc.
  • Sophisticated crumb structure manufactured using premium-quality rubber
  • Easy to install and no maintenance required – mould and oil resistant
  • Can be cut to size to ensure the perfect fit
  • Suitable as gym, play area, lorry, warehouse and building site flooring
Product description

Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat | 8mm Thick | Washing Machine, Gym & Protective Flooring

Choose the premium-quality Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat and enjoy shock absorbing, sound-proofing and protective flooring

This high-quality floor protection mat consists of a sophisticated crumb structure made out of durable rubber which is designed to absorb energy and evenly distribute it throughout the mat. As a result, sound and vibrations are absorbed helping to cancel out the racket from loud washing machines, heavy equipment and other household appliances. With an incredible thermal resistance from -30 ° C to +100° C you can be sure to place your rubber matting under appliances that emit high heat temperatures. Our rubber floor mats are also highly capable of performing in freezing temperatures without the risk of cracking.

Our truly versatile anti-vibration mats have a wide array of applications. The mats have had great success as gym flooring, the impact absorbing properties create a perfect solution to silencing the noise of heavy weights being slammed while also protecting your flooring from the constant impact. This flooring solution provides a soft landing thanks to the rubber structure which minimise the risk of injury, creating the ideal playground or play area floor. Our gym floor mats are also highly popular as stable mats, washing machine mats and as transport and haulage pads.

Install your rubber gym mats in a matter of moments, you can forget about hiring expensive flooring specialists. Additionally, you can use a box cutter knife to cut your rubber matting to your desired shape and size. Once installed, enjoy low maintenance flooring that is resistant to mould and oil.

Product details:

  • Material: Rubber
  • Available in thicknesses of 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 mm
  • Resistance to oil and added protection against mould
  • Thermal resistance from -30° C to +80° C
  • High tensile strength
  • Anti-fatigue properties
  • Easy to install with no maintenance required

If you are fed up of nosy washing machine, large household appliances and heavy machinery vibrating against your floor and making a racket, choose the Rubber Anti-vibration Mat


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