Drainage Matting
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Drainage Matting – Non-Slip Flooring Solutions

Whether for commercial or private use, open construction drainage mats provide effective removal of liquids from wet and damp floors. Our drainage mats consist of three main properties which work together to provide the maximum drainage capabilities and a non-slip surface structure. All mats are constructed with a durable non-slip surface which provides a safe ground on which to walk. The open structure then allows for easy water flow, while the undersides of the mats are fitted with studding to or small feet which enable the water or fluid to flow freely away.

Commercial Drainage Matting

Resistant to oils and a variety of chemicals, these mats are the ideal for almost any commercial environment. Preventing against the build of fluids and debris, they also provide antibacterial purposes and help ensure a cleaner and more hygienic working environment. For larger working spaces, our range of interlocking drainage tiles provides an effect easy to install option and is suitable for all type of floor. The tiles are also available with interlocking edging systems in various colours.

As all mats are available with configurable options, including size and colour, you can be guaranteed to find the ideal solution for your needs. If you are not able to find the perfect sizes in the standard options, a variety of our mats are also available with custom made to measure options.