Safety Mats
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Safety Mats and Rubber Tiles – The Perfect Safety Solution

Providing all around floor protection, we offer a wide range of rubber safety mats and rubber tiles for outdoor and indoor area. Designed to provide effective fall protection upon impact, their shock absorbent properties help reduce and distribute impact energy in case of falls. These mats also carry anti-slip and anti-vibrational making suitable for a wide range of applications.

With the use of safety mats' no maintenance is required. Once installed you can simple enjoy the comfort of guaranteed protection for years to come. Being also weathers resistant and sound absorbent no follow-up costs are required.

Playground Mats and Outdoor Safety Tiles

Our range of Play Protection mats is available in a range of colours and thicknesses. Providing effective critical fall heights, these tiles can be placed around climbing frames and play areas to ensure protection from trips and falls.

For further information on critical fall height, please refer to our Critical Fall Height (CFH).

Playground safety mats are the foundation of a safe reliable play area and should be considered as a long lasting safety solution for your child. As well as playgrounds, our Play Protection mats can be applied to various other activity areas such as rock climbing walls, sports areas, and even private gardens.