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Anti Vibration Mats

Anti Vibration Mats

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  1. anti vibration mat
    Protective Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat - Thickness 5mm


  2. Anti-Vibration Mat
    Protective Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat - Thickness 10mm


  3. 8mm anti-vibration mat available in multiple sizes
    Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat | 8mm Thick | Washing Machine, Gym & Protective Flooring


  4. Protective Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat - Thickness 15mm
    Protective Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat - Thickness 15mm


  5. Anti Vib Mat
    Protective Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat - Thickness 20mm


  6. Washing Machine Mat
    Anti-vibration Washing Machine Mats |10mm, 20mm


  7. Anti Vibration pad for cargo
    Anti-Vibration Pads for Transport and Haulage | Thickness: 20mm


  8. Rubber Gym Flooring | Thickness: 20mm
    Rubber Gym Flooring | Thickness: 20mm


  9. Rubber Gym Flooring | Thickness: 10mm
    Rubber Gym Flooring | Thickness: 10mm


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Anti-Vibration Mats - High-Density Recycled Rubber Granulate Protection Mats

Our structural protection mats are made of high-density 100% recycled rubber granulate and are available in thicknesses of 5, 10, 15 and 20mm. Applications include building structure and roof protection, e.g. roof terraces, flat and green roofs, balconies, solar installations, parking garages, washing machine anti-vibration mats etc.

Best Anti-Vibration Mats

Our Washing Machine Mats prevent vibration and have sound-absorbing qualities. Available in a wide range of sizes and can be cut to size further without emitting a strong rubber odour. This makes them ideal for a wide range of uses and projects. These mats may be used in commercial workplaces as underlay for machines and large systems. The mats also provide effective sound and vibration insulation. The mats may be used as an insulation and vibration-cancelling base for solar and thermal systems, pumps, generators and many other electronic systems.

Thanks to the vibration-absorbing structure of the anti-vibration mats, they are remarkably effective silencers of noisy and irritating home appliances, including washing machines, tumble driers, chest freezers etc. They are also extremely versatile - why not soundproof the garage and rekindle your dream of starting a band? Mats may be used under gym, sports and fitness machines and equipment as both fall and floor protection. At this price, we believe that these are the best anti-vibration mats available in the market.

These high-density rubber mats prevent damage and can also be used for waterproofing on flat roofs and are used to protect structures from foot traffic, maintenance work, high loads and abrasives. In addition they serve as sound insulating and equalizing layer.

Thermal resistance of these structural protection rubber mats ranges from -30° C to +80° C. They also feature resistance to oil and added protection from mold. Their open-pored structure prevents the build up of moisture on their surface. The mats are anti-slip and easy to clean.

  • Anti Vibration Mats available in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm thicknesses, depending on the level of vibration and weight expectations. They are extremely versatile and may be used in an almost infinite number of ways.
  • We have a specialised Washing Machine Anti Vibration mat, which comes in a range of sizes perfect for under household appliances. Potential uses include washing machines, tumble driers, chest freezers and pretty much any source of irritating household noise and vibration that which you wish to eliminate.
  • We also offer Anti Vibration Pads Designed for the Safe and Secure Transport of Cargo. Simply place these pads in your lorry, truck, jeep, van or car boot to create a stable resting place and bearing pad for your valuable cargo.
  • Our Anti-Vibration Rubber Gym Mats are the perfect solution for any home gym or commercial gym environment. This resilient rubber gym matting solution is versatile and emission-free (odourless), based on environmentally certified recycled heavy-duty rubber material. Not only does it effectively protect your flooring from heavy weights and machinery, it looks and feels great too!

Anti Vibration Mat Sizes