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Children's Play Mats

Children's Play Mats

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Childrens Play Mats

We make childrens mats that will provide a soft and safe surface for children to play on, with both indoor mats and outdoor mats available to suit your needs. At Floormats, we know that having fun is extremely important for children, but also recognize that safety always has to come first. This is why we ensure that only the highest quality materials free of chemicals are used in our childrens' products.

Indoor Childrens Mats

Our indoor childrens mats come in a range of fun designs, from Modern Cities to Ancient Castles - that will serve to spark a child's imagination and keep them entertained and encourage learning as they play. The super-soft, comfortable surface is composed of non-toxic materials and is anti slip to ensure a childs comfort and safety. With a couple of toys and some visual aid from one of our mats, a child's vivid imagination can conjure up endless possibilities - leading to hours of fun! 

Outdoor Safety Mats

The Outdoor Safety Play Mats are ideal for any outdoor play area. Trips and slips happen, so its important that the correct measures are in place to prevent injury. Our safety play mats provide fall and impact protection, reducing the risk of injury when accidents happen. They are composed of high-density recycled rubber granulate and are 100% environmentally friendly. Playground safety mats are especially useful precautions to take in areas where children climb, slide and swing.