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Playground Mats Play-Protect – 25mm – Grey
  • Soft outdoor flooring for fall and impact protection
  • High density playground tiles, suitable for a range of applications
  • Durable shock absorbent structure
  • Area: 50 x 50 cm
  • 25mm thick rubber granulate structure, ECO-friendly
  • Designed to reduce the risk of serious head injury
Product description

Soft Outdoor Flooring – Grey - 25mm Thick – 50x50cm

In the playground, its mostly fun and games – but accidents can happen. Our range of robust and reliable soft outdoor flooring solutions are excellent safety features that help to prevent injuries occuring wherever children play. They are suitable for private or public playgrounds, schools, creches, nurseries, home play areas, gardens, terraces, parks or activity centres. All tiles in our Outdoor Play Mats Category have been approved and tested in accordance with DIN EN 1177. Made of a soft pored rubber granulate, these dependable KEYWORD absorb impact and shocks, reducing the chances of acquiring a serious head injury. They are a particularly necessary precaution to take in areas where children swing, slide, climb and bounce.

This soft outdoor flooring is hard-wearinganti-slip and weather-resistant to ensure long-lasting protection for your play area. The mats do not facilitate the build-up of moisture or formation of puddles, ensuring that the mats will remain dry and anti-slip – meaning that the weather will never get in the way of the fun in your playground. The mats can be easily washed with a hose or pressure washer. They are also eco friendly in the sense that the mats are free of harmful chemicals or substances and will not pose a risk to your children, or indeed mother nature.

As well as Grey, we also offer Red, Green and Black outdoor play mats. You can keep a uniform design or mix and match to create interesting and colourful patterns in your play area. We also offer a larger 100x50cm outdoor play mat, which is double the size to cover more ground. Check out our full range of playground flooring. Simply measure your play area and choose the correct mat and quantity to suit.

Playground Flooring Features at a Glance

  • Safety tested in accordance with European Standard DIN EN 1177
  • Each playground flooring tile is 50 x 50cm in area and 25mm in thickness.
  • Suitable for playgrounds, swings, climbing frames, play areas, fitness centres, swimming areas, walkways and anywhere where children play.
  • Each tile has a non-slip surface and is completely weather-resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • The 25 mm thick granulated rubber structure ensures safe cushioning in case of falls
  • Grooves on the underside provide stability and allow for water drainage
  • Once installed, these tiles are maintenance-free and provide a reliable safety surface for years to come.
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Amount 1 Tile
Material Rubber
Size 50 x 50 cm
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