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PVC Granulate Stair Tread | Outdoor Stair Pads


  • Sprinkled with PVC granulate for superior gripping
  • All-weather stair treads for outdoor and indoor use
  • Backed with a secure adhesive strip for a simple and quick installation
  • Non-slip design to protect against hazardous trips or falls
  • 6-7 mm thick treads defend your staircase from the wear and tear of daily life
  • Suited to wooden, metal, ceramic and concrete stairwells
  • 25 x 73 cm heavy-duty step treads available in brown or grey colour
Product description

PVC Granulate Stair Tread | Outdoor Stair Pads

Ensure the safety of your home and secure your outdoor staircase with the all-weather PVC Granulate Stair Treads for extra-strength grip

Our trusted PVC Granulate Stair Tread is the ideal solution to keeping your staircase safe throughout the year. The stair treads mat can be installed on wooden, metal, concrete or ceramic stair ways on both indoor and outdoor steps. The all-weather safety treads are built to last and can handle rain, shine, frost and snow.

These stair covers are designed with safety in mind, sprinkled with PVC granulate for extra-grip. You can rest assured that on rainy and icy days your family and friends will have a secure grip when using your steps. This is an especially important safety feature when there are elderly and young children who are at a higher risk of losing their footing when climbing up and down steps. Not only will the heavy-duty outdoor stair treads provide safety to your home but the 6-7mm thick pads will protect your staircase from the wear and tear of daily life.

You do not have to worry about complicated installations, each anti-slip mat is equipped with a strong adhesive strip along the backing. The adhesive tape is water-resistant to ensure a firm grip in wet conditions. Simply secure the stair protectors on your stairway and reap the benefits of the weatherproof outdoor stair pads. These 25x73 cm step treads are customisable and can be cut to shape to match the size of your steps. Choose between a grey and brown colour to find the correct aesthetic for your taste.

 Product details:

  • Step size: 25 x 73 cm, front edge: approx. 5 cm
  • Anti-slip for all external stairs
  • Rot and weatherproof
  • Easy to clean and cut
  • PVC layer with "sprinkled" PVC granulate
  • Adhesive strip along backing
  • Uses: indoor and outdoor

Choose the PVC Granulate Stair Tread for non-slip stairway protection for your family and house guests.

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