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Safety Stair Nosings

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Safety Stair Nosing

In the workplace and in high traffic areas, safety stair nosing and treads provide increased visibility and offer a non-slip surface on which to walk. The rough structured surface of these treads works by providing traction to the feet, thus preventing against slips, trips, and falls. With bright florescent colour options, and glow in the dark finishes, stair nosing is perfect for industrial installations, arenas, high traffic areas, staircases, and poorly lit hallways.

The treads are easy to install and are compatible with almost any set of stairs. A selection of treads also have holes for screws, making them ideal for applying to hard floors such as stone, metal, and wood.

Safety Stair Tape

Safety tape for stairs comes in a selection of widths and lengths and is perfect for giving your stair case and steps increases visibility. The rough anti-slip structure ensures a rough and frost resistant walking surface making this tape ideal for both commercial and private buildings.