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Sisal Stair Treads

Sisal Stair Treads

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Sisal Stair Treads

Derived from the plant of the Agave, sisal is a naturally sourced plant fibre which may be used for a variety of purposes. Used as an alternative to synthetic fibres, Sisal is eco-friendly due to its renewable nature. Thanks to its robust structure and dependability, sisal serves as an excellent solution for Stair Treads, Sisal Rugs, and many more applications.

Sisal flatweave products are created with a complex weaving process which binds the fibres tightly together. This process strengthens the sisal structure and leaves a dense sheet of sisal, suitable for many applications. Woven sisal pile has been in use for centuries, with a proven track record for durability, comfort, and dependability.

Long-Lasting Protection

Made from highly robust sisal fibers, our range of Sisal Stair Treads are the ideal way to not only protect your stairs, but also provide them with an eye-catching and timeless finish. Whether for wood, stone or marble, the sisal fibers robust structure repels dirt and dust, keeping your stairs fresh and clean for a long, long time. The robust nature of sisal makes these stair treads the ideal solution for high traffic stairways in homes and businesses.

Wide Selection

Available in both semi-circular and rectangular forms, and with a wide selection of colours and sizes, you can be sure to find the ideal solution for you.

Easy Installation

With simple and easy installation, no drilling or screwing is required. A highly effective adhesive strip attached the back of these treads keeps them firmly in place, ensuring a sturdy and safe surface on which to walk.

Products on Offer

  • The Sisal Sylt range consists of stair treads in several natural and timeless colours that look great in any home. They are extremely hard-wearing, making them ideal for use in areas with a big footfall. They robustly protect your stairs, while adding an element of safety for guests through their anti-slip properties. They come with a matching runner rug to complete the natural and eye-catching look.
  • Our Sabang Stair Treads come in a synthetic sisal look in many bright and beautiful colours. They will brighten any room and transform an old worn staircase into a thing of beauty. They're hard-wearing and easy to maintain. They also come with a matching runner rug to suit.
  • The Sydney range comes in two sizes - Standard Stair Treads for regular steps or Smaller Stair Treads for smaller steps. Both are made with 100% natural fibres, which are environmentally friendly and create a classic, yet modern look. The attractive sisal weave pattern will look airy, beachy and fresh among your decor.