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Anti-vibration Washing Machine Mats |10mm, 20mm
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  • Best Anti-vibration mats for washing machines
  • Suitable for all household appliances
  • Available in wide range of sizes
  • Thickness available: 10mm, 20mm
  • Made from compressed crumb rubber
  • Shock absorbent structure
  • Reduce noise and vibrations
Product description

Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Mats

Washing machine mats are made from compressed crumb rubber and provide a durable cushioned surface perfect for washing machines, tumble dryers, and variety of other household appliances. These mats are very easy to install, and once in place require no maintenance. These are the best anti-vibration mats on the market for this low cost.

Anti-Vibration Properties

Made from NR/SBR crumb rubber, these mats provide an effective shock absorbent surface ideal for reducing vibration and noise caused by appliances. The flexible cushioned rubber structure is designed to absorb vibrational energy caused by moving appliances and is able to evenly distribute this energy over the surface of the mat. This helps reduce sound and movement, giving you peace and quiet to relax in your home. 

These washer vibration pads are available in a variety of sizes with two thicknesses available. This ensures that you are able to find the most suitable mat for the job. For larger and heavier appliances, we advise that you choose the thicker 20mm mats. These mats are sound-absorbing, making them ideal for a variety of uses - sound proof the garage to create a studio to rekindle your dream of starting a band or becoming a DJ. Find the best anti-vibration mat for you, the possibilities are endless.

If required, the mats can be cut at home to ensure a perfect fit.

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