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Wine Rack – Stainless Steel | 2 Sizes Available
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  • Create more free space in your home using our free standing wine cabinet
  • A stainless steel frame ensures your wine in safely stored without the risk of collapse or corrosion
  • Horizontal storage allows your wine to mature correctly
  • Quick and easy to set up, no tools required
  • Choose between 4 tier (24 bottles) and 2 tier (12) bottle racks
  • Suitable for households, pubs, wine cellars and restaurant’s
  • Modern sleek design creates an attractive way to show off your wine collection
Product description

Wine Rack – Stainless Steel | 2 Sizes Available

Store your wine securely in an organised manner using our stainless-steel wine rack. Choose between a 12 or 24 bottle capacity metal wine rack

Wine is one of the few foods or drinks that can improve in flavour and value with age, under the condition that it is stored correctly. Horizontal wine storage ensures that your wine collection is allowed to mature properly without the risk of spoiling. The cork is kept moist which prevents it from drying out and helps to avoid the build-up of sediment, unlike with vertical wine storage. You can rest assured that your wine will mature into a flavoursome treat, perfect for impressing friends at dinner parties.

Our wine rack cabinet is extremely safe and secure. Constructed out of stainless steel which prevents any rusting or corrosion and guarantees the safe storage of your wine for years to come. The steel frame is supported with non-slip rubber-tipped support legs that provide excellent gripping on all types of flooring. The freestanding design of the wine shelf enables you to easily move around your wine storage rack without the hassle of dissembling and reassembling it again.

Choose between a 2 tier (capable of storing 12 bottles) and a 4 tier (capable of storing 24 bottles) metal wine rack. The sleek and modern design of the wine cabinet creates a stylish storage solution that is suitable for pubs, clubs, restaurants, houses and wine cellars.

Product details:

  • Rectangular shape with 2 and 4 tier storing systems available
  • Size: 2 tier (62x25x30cm) and 4 tier (62x48x30cm)
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 2 tier (12 bottles) and 4 tier (24 bottles)
  • Sturdy and reliable storage
  • Helps wine mature correctly - making your wine taste even nicer
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Freestanding - allowing it to be easily moved without hassle

Choose the easy to assemble Stainless Steel Wine Rack and show off your wine collection in style

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